Optimize Your Creativity In Book Arts and Beyond – Sunday





Instructor: Susan M. Callan
Skill Level: All Levels
Materials Fee: $10.00
Length of workshop: 1 day



Workshop description: 

We automatically expect our own creativity to just kick in when we begin a project and sometimes that happens. But sometimes the flow is a bare trickle, or nothing at all. In this workshop students will learn to easily recognize their own strengths and weaknesses; they will uncover aspects of themselves that can work as clues to heed in times of drought; and simultaneously, they will re-discover unlikely sources of inspirations. Each student is a different, unique individual! Students will learn what situations are best for them. They will be gently introduced to their fears around creativity and then learn tricks to turn fears into pride-producing successes. The exercises for accomplishing all this are fun, creative warm-up games, mini-lectures and total-participation discussions. In addition we will do three creative expression challenges: make a creatively inspiring Weathergram and two accordion books. Through these processes they will come to appreciate the fact that their own curiosity and willingness to take risks are their greatest creative allies. Students will leave the conference with a Weathergram, two accordion books, the instructor’s Booklet of Creativity References, and most important of all, a new appreciation of their own creative potential and the new tools they now have at hand to take their creativity to the next level.


Date: Sunday, June 25, 2017


Materials/Equipment to be supplied by Student:
kneaded eraser
X-acto knife or cutter and blades
cork-backed metal ruler
cutting mat
bone folder
glue stick
colored pencils or markers
favorite embellishments


Materials/Equipment to be supplied by Instructor:

All materials needed for making and embellishing/augmenting the mini-poster/Weathergram and the two Accordion books

handout: Booklet of Creativity References

Optimize Your Creativity in Book arts and Beyond Materials$10.00
Location Focus on Book Arts
1928 21st Avenue
Forest Grove OR 97116