Evening with Hedi

An Evening with Hedi

Thursday Evening 7:00 pm
Four Decades Under the Spell of the Book

This talk begins in the early 1970’s when extraordinary developments concerning the book and its future life took place. Today, craft people and artists are turning to the book, recognizing its role as a carrier, a container, unique as an object of unsurpassed function. Hedi Kyle will share her experience and participation in the movement to rediscover the book, recalling early experimental stages in book conservation, paper making and book art.

hedi-kyle-photo-2Hedi’s work focuses on the book as a three dimensional object, still holding traces of historical predecessors. She is drawn to unusual forms to free the book of its traditional purpose and e plore new ways of reading and viewing. The book as a mechanical object of extraordinary diversity never loses its fascination and inspires her to an ongoing quest for form and function.

Hedi Kyle retired as Head of Conservation at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia in 2003. She continued to teach book arts at the University of the Arts, also in Philadelphia until 2013, when she retired and moved to the Catskills, NY. Over the past 30 years she has given workshops at numerous locations in the United States, Canada and Europe. Her one-of-a-kind book constructions are in private and public collections. Her work has been shown in several one person exhibitions and frequently in group shows. She has given lectures and written essays, published in several books, magazines, and newsletters. Hedi Kyle is an honorary member of the Guild of Book Workers (GBW) and a co-founder of the Paper and Book Intensive (PBI).

This event is for workshop participants ONLY and is followed by a reception with Hedi. Thanks to our partners who helped us make this event possible: 23 Sandy Gallery and Oregon College of Art and Craft. Visit their web pages for information about other events with Hedi Kyle.