Create Your Name Tag


While everyone will get their official name tag during the Check-in process and the name tags are necessary to make sure you get meals, provides identification, and more. But Name tags can be so much more than just personal identification. They can be ice-breakers and conversation starters; networking tools and keepsake memories of this extraordinary week. Your name tag can become a unique statement about YOU. We are offering you the opportunity to make a much more expressive name tag – one that represents YOU! 

This year FOBA is encouraging everyone to join in the creative fun by designing your own name tag. You may choose to include an interesting border; use a patterned paper as the background; you could playfully highlight key words, such as your first name; you might choose to draw in a symbol that identifies you or you could do some subtle sketching – noticeable only to those who are close enough for conversation.  The possibilities are endless, and the process will be an entertaining way to set the artistic tone for the week.

All the materials – a basic blank tag, colored pencils and markers, a few tools, samples for inspiration, and instructions and guidelines – will be at tables in the conference room area of the Burlingham Hall lobby during Tuesday evening’s Opening Reception. You are welcome to bring papers and embellishments from home to supplement our supplies. If you can’t be at the Opening Reception, we will have a table in Boxer Pause (information desk area) with all the supplies so you can make your name tag and not miss out on all the fun.

Additionally, should you wish to create your name tag at home before you come to FOBA, you may do that. Just following these guidelines to be sure it will fit in your lanyard when you get here:

  • Size: Your unique name tag needs to fit inside the same lanyard as your official name tag. Your designed name tag will fit into the other side. It cannot be any larger than: 3″ x 4″
  • Depth: lanyards are not very thick and it will already contain your official name tag. If you have things you want to adhere to your name tag, consider having them come out the top.