Book Arts: The Creativity Factor





Instructor: Susan M. Callan
Skill Level: All levels
Materials Fee: $10.00
Length of workshop: 1 day

Date: Friday, June 28, 2019



Workshop description:

Book Arts: The Creativity Factor is a one-day intensive that focuses on those aspects of creativity that apply to all book artists. The emphasis throughout the day will be on increasing self-awareness to optimize each person’s unique creative style.  There will be

      • clever exercises for self-discovery
      • idea & resource-packed mini lectures, with follow-up, small-group discussions
      • two book-making sessions, a Leporello and one-sheet books, that will playfully incorporate learned creativity skills/concepts
      • several opportunities to swap personal expressions of creativity – to learn from each other.

Materials/equipment to be supplied by students:
artists’ eraser
fresh glue-stick
bone folder
cork-backed metal ruler
medium-sized cutting mat
X-acto knife or retractable-blade cutter
paper trash-bag
student’s favorite embellishments
colored pencils and/or markers
curiosity and humor

Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
all materials provided
written instructions
resource handouts
extra tools

Prerequisites for this class:
Enthusiasm, curiosity, open mind, and a true desire to optimize your own creativity.