The Focus on Book Arts Conference takes place during June of odd numbered years.  The planning for the next conference begins as soon as one finishes. Volunteers are needed during the conference and throughout the almost two years of planning for the next conference.  With the exception of the at-conference volunteer needs, you do not need to live in the Portland area to help.  Many of our board and committee members are scattered around the United States.

Volunteer opportunities fall into a few different categories. You can learn more about the different types of volunteer opportunities.

We currently have positions open at the board level and expect to have lots of committee jobs as conference planning gets underway. Watch this space for volunteer opportunities throughout the two year planning cycle for jobs that may be of interest to you.

Board positions

  • Registration, a key role for the FOBA conference that manages all aspects of conference attendance. The registrar handles all the elements of signing up for the conference including workshops, housing and meals and communicates with attendees regarding their registration status. Prepares the packets for attendees and check-in staff, monitors and reports to the board on the status of registration including workshop signups and monies from registration, handles refunds and summarizes and supports analysis of conference registration. This requires a fair amount of spreadsheet work, configuration and setup of the registration software being used for the conference.
  • Fundraising, a new role that will allow FOBA to be a more fiscally stable organization. We envision it will encompass many methods and ways of fundraising. This may include finding sponsors for FOBA events and activities, defining and organizing fundraising events and activities, requesting grants, soliciting donations through the website and other means and FOBA products.

If you are interested in one of the board positions, please contact the conference coordinator at

Committee positions

Teams are currently being formed  in the following areas:

  • Events and Activities, we are looking for people to plan the different events and activities that happen during the conference. This may include finding and arranging for speakers, defining other evening events, organizing the Artists’ Fair and more.

If you are interested in being on one of these teams, please contact the volunteer voordinator at