Workshops 2019 Calendar

Classes run all day: 9 am to 4:30 pm with 1.5-hour lunch.

Click on each workshop below for complete information.


Wednesday 6/26

Thursday 6/27

Friday 6/28

Saturday 6/29

Sunday 6/30

Rhiannon Alpers
Book and Box of Curiosities


Rhiannon Alpers
Distressed Wooden Boards

Karen Hanmer
The Simplified Binding – Cancelled

Karen Hanmer
The Ethiopian Binding


Steph Rue
Paper Bojagi


Bonnie Stahlecker
Slate Accordions

Bonnie Stahlecker
The Modern Slip Book


Margo Klass
Woven Spine Bindings

Angela Batchelor
Collagraph: Beyond the Print


Sandy Tilcock
Edition Binding—How It All Stacks UP – Cancelled


Sam Ellenport
One Hour Clamshell


Sam Ellenport
Basic Cloth Repair



Marilyn Stablein
Pop-Up Explosion Books



Naomi S. Velasquez
Natural Plant Dyes

Naomi S. Velasquez
Re-purposed Coptic

Naomi S. Velasquez
Fiberlicious Tape Bound



Patricia Edmonds
The Extravagant Exposed Spine Binding – Cancelled

Pietro Accardi
Western Paper Marbling


Pietro Accardi
Marbling on Fabric


Pietro Accardi
Marbling: Studio Class


Pietro Accardi
The Hatch-Top Box

Pietro Accardi
The Articulated Binding


Kristen Doty
Drawing for Everyone


Susan M. Callan
The Creativity Factor


Elissa Campbell
Find Closure

Stephanie Newman and Sukha Worob
Fast Max: A Letterpress Maxim Accordion Book