Folded Book Explosion





Instructor: Angela Batchelor
Skill Level: Beginner
Materials Fee: $25.00
Length of workshop: 2 days



Workshop description:

Folded books have the ability to delight and surprise. These beautiful structures incorporate origami and modular constructions that appear complex but are often simple to make. This class will explore over twenty folded book variations that can be used to make greeting cards or entire books. We will begin with folded books, starting with simple constructions such as instant one-page books and basic origami folds and progressing to more complex structures such as the blizzard book, Turkish fold, and Hungarian fold. Day two we will continue making complex folded books, add soft and hard covers with ribbon ties and sewn signatures. Students will come away with a lovely collection of small folded books.


Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25, 2017

Materials/equipment to be supplied by student:
bone folder
glue stick (UHU)
notebook for taking notes
12″-18″ metal ruler
cheap brush for gluing
paper trimmer (if you have one)
self-healing mat or cutting surface
bookbinding needle
needle tool
small binder clips
X-acto knife or cutting knife
acid free double-sided tape

scrap paper


Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
book board
mat board
decorative and colored paper
paper trimmer (x2)
PVA glue

Location Focus on Book Arts
1928 21st Avenue
Forest Grove OR 97116