Flexible Book Structures





Instructor: Helen Hiebert
Skill Level: All Levels
Materials Fee: $30.00
Length of workshop: 2 days



Workshop description:

In this workshop we’ll create a variety of panel structures with unique hinges that can be utilized to make books, lanterns, folding screens wall or window hangings. We’ll make a shadow lantern, composed of lightweight balsa-framed panels, featuring cut-outs that cast shadows onto a second layer of paper. We’ll construct envelope folding screens with an adapted piano hinge. We’ll explore paper weaving with a lantern or wall/window hanging construction, and we’ll create an inflatable ball structure that magically transforms from two- into three-dimensions with a bit of hot air. As we make these structures, we’ll also explore ways to layer, fold and weave papers.


Date: Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25, 2017


Materials/equipment to be supplied by student:

⅛” – ¼” children’s or artist’s paintbrush for gluing a large 1”-2” brush for applying glue to larger areas

bone folder
sharp pencil

X-acto knife that uses #11 blades and extra blades or other type of X-acto that you are comfortable using cutting mat (approx. 12” x 18”)

small notebook if you like to take notes

rubber stamps & ink

I will supply the papers you need, but feel free to bring additional papers for your individual projects ranging from light weight card stocks to decorative papers that fold easily and look good when illuminated or held up to the light

Any other favorite bookbinding tools


Materials/equipment to be provided by instructor:
decorative papers
tracing paper
bamboo skewers
PVA glue
tea lights
plastic place mat material for cutting into the weavings
glue cups
Japanese saw and miter box

Flexible Book Structures Materials$30.00
Location Focus on Book Arts
1928 21st Avenue
Forest Grove OR 97116