Scavenger Book Project

Celebrate the Sun • A Scavenger Found Object Book Arts Project 


Before you arrive, we challenge you to participate by making a book celebrating the sun in any and all its aspects, myth, reality, scientific facts or fantasy. Below you will find a list of objects to incorporate into a book arts item—a book or a book sculpture. The only rule is that you must find and incorporate at least 5 of the following items:   

  • sun image: stickers, coin, postage stamp, etc.
  • sun symbols from an ancient culture, printed or 3-D
  • sunflower image: rubber stamp or postage stamp, etc.
  • metal or paper stars
  • dried or paper flowers, a flower wreath
  • yellow and/or orange thread, yarn, ribbon, or pipe cleaner
  • yellow and/or orange tissue paper
  • sun-bleached image on paper
  • faded, sun-bleached fabric 
  • solar print
  • sundial
  • a fairy circle or fairy images (think Midsummers Night Dream as midsummer night and the solstice are the same thing)


Bring your finished project to the Registration desk when you arrive at the conference. All the items will be displayed in the Boxer Pause until Saturday evening. Conference participants will have the opportunity to view and vote for their favorite. A prize will be awarded to the winner at Hospitality night Saturday evening.