A Solstice Celebration

A Solstice Celebration

Summer is always a big Sun event in the Pacific Northwest, and this year even more so! This year’s Focus on Book Arts conference opens on June 20th—the summer solstice. And, there will be a full solar eclipse visible here on August 18, 2017. So we want to celebrate the sun all week long. You’ll see signs of it on campus while you’re here. To join the celebration, we have three activities you are welcome to participate in.

At our opening reception on Tuesday we will have a table where you can learn to make an origami sun. If you want to take a sneak peak at this project before you come to the conference go to http://magicbelles.com/makes-bakes/makes/star-belles-pretty-paper-star.

We will have a Sun Wheel, a large wreath made of flowers and moss, at the reception area in the University Center throughout the conference. Paper and raffia will be available to write your wish and attach it to the Sun Wheel. At the end of the conference the wheel will be destroyed and your wishes sent out into the world.

Personal wreaths of flowers are another solstice tradition. We thought it might be fun to wear a wreath during the conference and especially to Hospitality Night. Since we are all “paper people” a wreath of paper flowers would be appropriate for our conference. We will supply a wreath base or hair comb. For the flowers, you can make your favorite paper flowers at home and bring them with you to the conference where you can attach them to the wreath base. We will also provide materials and directions for making paper flowers during the conference. If you make your flowers at home, bring direction for making your flowers to exchange at Hospitality Night. If you have never made a paper flower and need some ideas here are a few places where you can find directions.